Sunday, November 6, 2011

november food swap

homemade maple applesauce

thanks for all who came out for yet another successful swap. and thanks to the wine therapist for hosting us again!! we had some fabulous swap:

organic apple cider
herbes de provence goat cheese
organic granola
cheesecake pops
homemade scones
freshly baked bread
butternut squash soup
beef jerky

....just to name a few!

i apologize in advance for my lousy iphone pictures, but here are a couple i added to our flickr.

we will open registration for december's swap in a couple of weeks. for all the latest swapping information, make sure to like us on facebook!

see you in december. until then...give thanks and eat well!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

'Tis The Season To Entertain & To Be Entertained

October Swap proved Dallas swappers are a fancy lot.  The Holidays are around the this time of year...soon we'll be sending invitations or getting invitations to mingle, sparkle and party.  When invited I love taking an edible host gift...the list is long: wine, coffee beans, fruit jam, local honey + cheese, seasonal organic fruit, you get the idea. 

For my November swap I will keep in mind the many invitations to come, wink, and what I would love to gift the host.  My wish is that it can be served that evening, enjoyed the next morning or shared with friends at a later date.  Think I'll make pear butter, apple butter, tomato jam........

Friday, October 7, 2011

october swap

october swappers really stepped it up! we had all kinds of fancy food:

pesto alla genovese
italian sweet breat
cranberry nut relish
organic pancake mix with organic butter
apple cider
argentine chimichurri
mashed potatoes with garlic butter
rosemary apple spice cake
coconut banana bread with lemon curd
mediterranean olives
wild turkey pumpkin chili
venison chili
organic yogurt
pumpkin spice snap dog treats
dehydrated apples
wild cherry cordial
filipino atchara

....and the list goes on and on!

thank you shelly wilfong for opening your lovely home for the swap!!

we have hosts booked for december, january and may (al fresco!).

stay tuned for november swap registration and venue details...

until then join our dallas taste the honey food swappers flickr group (here are some low quality pics from last night), follow our blog, like our facebook page, tell all your foodie friends about the food swap, and finally...the bar has been raised so start brainstorming your november swaps!! the holidays are around the corner...lots of parties....think host gifts, party favors, teacher gifts. get in your kitchen and have some fun! :-)

Friday, September 2, 2011

September Swap

Wow! We had some really beautiful swap goodies. It was so much fun meeting new people that share the food passion!

Check out all the beautiful food and fun here. Join our flickr group and share your photos with us. Join our facebook page to see all the latest and greatest happenings.

With two swaps behind us, I'm finding more and more inspiration to branch out with some new creations! I'm thinking I'll do all kinds of different spreads next month. Or maybe pickles? Jams? Maybe I'll bake? No I'll do something with my 25 pounds of fire roasted hatch green chiles hanging out in my freezer. Who knows! We'll see! Can't wait! :-)

Stay tuned for October swap details. We'll open registration in the next couple of weeks. We have a new exciting!

Last but not least...BIG THANKS to Phillip and The Wine Therapist! You rock!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dallas Morning News

Dallas Taste The Honey Food Swappers is featured in Dallas Morning News early Sunday edition, Arts & Life section.  Beautiful photography by Micheal Ainsworth/DMN Staff Photographer.  Cheryl Ng Collette, blog author of ittybittyfoodies and DMN special contributor, tells the tale of the first swap and tips on hosting a food-swapping party.

We still have a few spots left.  Feeling the whiff...register for the up coming food-swap.  Event is limited to 40.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

canning basics with suze's jeffrey hobbs!

we had the privilege of a private canning session with Suze Restaurant's chef Jeffrey Hobbs. thanks, Michele, for setting it up!

we learned about pickling, hot baths, pressure baths, high acidity, shelf life, etc. we hope to get a hold of Optik Media's video of some of the Q & A's and demos.

we pickled asparagus, using this recipe. i LOVE food in jars!! and, we made what was supposed to be strawberry tarragon preserves but what ended up being strawberry thyme preserves. in our fury, we added the tarragon to the asparagus, so we cut some thyme from the garden as an alternative for the preserves!

can you can? yes you can. join our flickr group and add pics of your canned food!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Registration Is On.....

Greetings Swappers, the registration for the 2nd Dallas Taste The Honey Food Swappers has been sent to your email, 40 swapper spaces are available.  If you are interested in participating but did not get an invitation please email a request to be added to our guest list:
Please gather with us to celebrate and trade homemade, homegrown, or foraged goods. We emphasize local and organic goods. 

What to bring?
All swap items must be homemade, homegrown, or foraged by you. Think baked goods, jam, pickles, spreads, honey, vinegar, granola, pasta, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, homemade sausages, backyard eggs … you name it! Bring at least 4 swaps and more if you want. You can bring a bunch of one thing or multiples of a few different things. If possible, bring samples for others to try.
Also, remember to bring a potluck item to share with your new foodie friends.

The Wine Therapist
Phillip Nikpour, owner of The Wine Therapist, has graciously agreed to host September's swap.  He'll feature 3 different kinds of wine for us.  Thanks Phillip!

Interested in hosting a swap?  Email us at

This is a community event and by participating you are acknowledging that you will use the highest cleanliness standards in your kitchens and gardens to prepare your goods. By participating in this event, you are also acknowledging that the food items being traded are not necessarily prepared in any "approved" kitchen or space inspected by any government agency.
This is purely a swap - no selling or exchange of money is allowed.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Swapping Good Time

Dallas Taste The Honey Food Swapper Co-Organizers

The first swap was a sweet success. Everyone that attended was a first time swapper ... according to presentation you'd think they were expert swappers.

Party started at 7pm the ambiance was perfect. The wine was nice, the hibiscus tea was vibrant ... everyone seemed happy and ready to mingle. New friends were made ... business cards and numbers were exchanged ... 'I'll friend you' was spoken through out the evening.

Let the silent auction begin...

Non-swap Snacks

- Swapper Swag -

Dallas Taste The Honey Food Swappers will meet every 1st Thursday of every month. This is a private club but all are welcome. Check back and 'like' FB for upcoming details.

Happy Swapping.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Swap?

Herbs + Goat Cheese + EVOO
Food swapping is new to me but the idea of it is so intriguing.  I want to meet like-minded DIY foodies.  I want to hear their cooking/baking journey.  I want to taste their new or old family recipes.  It's going to be exciting to walk away with food I have not tried, food I love but have not had the time to make and food that I'll eat months later (canned preserves etc..).  Count me in 'I'm Interested'. Are you in?

Monday, July 18, 2011

august 4 swap

we've got some great swappers participating in our first swap! take a peek at some of the swaps:


organic and natural granola bars

jack daniels BBQ sauce

aji - a columbian salsa

southwest chicken cobbler

organic cream cheese loaves

mango salsa

cilantro hummus

eggs from backyard cage free chickens

honey from a backyard hive

organic pancake mix

hatch green chile salsa

raspberry, strawberry, blueberry jam

banana nut crunch muffins

registration is still open if you are interested! just email us.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

meet the honey

our passion: food.
where you can find us: cooking at honey girl kitchen and making the honey crew granola
our future: we will have a food truck in dallas this decade.
a goal: learning, cooking and eating our way through italy and spain.
another goal: a published book.