Tuesday, August 16, 2011

canning basics with suze's jeffrey hobbs!

we had the privilege of a private canning session with Suze Restaurant's chef Jeffrey Hobbs. thanks, Michele, for setting it up!

we learned about pickling, hot baths, pressure baths, high acidity, shelf life, etc. we hope to get a hold of Optik Media's video of some of the Q & A's and demos.

we pickled asparagus, using this recipe. i LOVE food in jars!! and, we made what was supposed to be strawberry tarragon preserves but what ended up being strawberry thyme preserves. in our fury, we added the tarragon to the asparagus, so we cut some thyme from the garden as an alternative for the preserves!

can you can? yes you can. join our flickr group and add pics of your canned food!

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