Friday, October 7, 2011

october swap

october swappers really stepped it up! we had all kinds of fancy food:

pesto alla genovese
italian sweet breat
cranberry nut relish
organic pancake mix with organic butter
apple cider
argentine chimichurri
mashed potatoes with garlic butter
rosemary apple spice cake
coconut banana bread with lemon curd
mediterranean olives
wild turkey pumpkin chili
venison chili
organic yogurt
pumpkin spice snap dog treats
dehydrated apples
wild cherry cordial
filipino atchara

....and the list goes on and on!

thank you shelly wilfong for opening your lovely home for the swap!!

we have hosts booked for december, january and may (al fresco!).

stay tuned for november swap registration and venue details...

until then join our dallas taste the honey food swappers flickr group (here are some low quality pics from last night), follow our blog, like our facebook page, tell all your foodie friends about the food swap, and finally...the bar has been raised so start brainstorming your november swaps!! the holidays are around the corner...lots of parties....think host gifts, party favors, teacher gifts. get in your kitchen and have some fun! :-)

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